Thyroid’s Connection to Fibromyalgia

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Notice how so many of the doctors daring to expose fibromyalgia as a complication of conditions such as hypothyroidism, tend to be older, well established individuals, who in many cases are nearing retirement. It is likely they are financially very secure, and do not have too much to lose if and when the medical establishment turns on them.  (Dr. Mark Starr is younger, but he apparently has a thyroid condition himself, which forced him to look for effective answers to his symptoms.)

It is also strange how so many of the visible patient-advocating doctors  are men. “Fibromyalgia” is primarily a disease of women, and so it is strange that no female physicians seem to have been labeled with this condition and dared speak out.  Is it perhaps just that they have access to better medical diagnostics and care from the beginning, and so have the root causes of their symptoms identified and resolved straight away, rather than being dumped on the fibro scrap heap to await an early death, with their lives and careers written off?

How many doctors have fibromyalgia as their diagnosis?  Very few, I would imagine.


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