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Must-read book:

The Telescreen: An Empirical Study of the Destruction and Despiritualization of Consciousness,  by Jeffrey Grupp

From Amazon:

The Telescreen is the pervasive media screen put in front of, and injected into, the eyes and ears of humans in the American electronic techno-culture. This begins from birth, and moulds consciousness throughout life: not a genuine human consciousness, but rather is a less-than-human, despiritualized semi-consciousness. People today continually flood their consciousnesses with images and impressions from television, videogames, church, radio, billboards, textbooks, magazines, newspapers, etc.- the “telescreen world” of Orwell’s 1984. The Telescreen is about how this pseudosphere destroys consciousness and society as humans give their attention, consciousness, and vital spirit to the telescreen. The result is a society of unholy subhumans, who no longer act like they have souls: They cannot turn off the telescreen world even to have dinner and talk to each other or to their children. When they do talk it is mostly about impressions from the telescreen world. Their inner subjective consciousness is constructed and formed by the telescreen, leading to a world of despiritualization and warmongering by hordes of conformist, petty, unhappy troll-like “yes-men.” — Jeff Grupp The telescreens of 1984 substituted fiction lives for the empty ones of a brainwashed population, as in Plato’s cave. Grupp drives it home that this is our world now. Some features of this dream-world of The Telescreen: Materialism and consumerism make people into robots, shallow stooges. Degrading self-images, down-dumbing education of drills, not thinking skills. War propaganda fed on pure fakery and repetition by the media, censored of truth and filled with non-news, gossip and cant. Brainwashing underpinned by fallacious reasoning. Example: Iran and Iraq slandered as murderously planning to unleash WMDs, while the US really has and uses them for genocide against target nations. Information warfare: The bias of “educational” TV shows like the “History Channel.” Trusted figures hired to peddle suspect messages. Journalists who stray from the party line into real issues are fired. Exploiting the herd instinct to impose conformity. Psychological tyranny is more effective than brute force. An artificial consciousness is dinned into people by constant electronic stimuli. They depend on it — and on pharmaceutical drugs too — for a feeling of well-being: they are addicts.

The malaise theory of depression

New research suggests that major depressive disorder is about the body and not the brain

Findings suggest that depression is a ‘normal’ brain’s response to an abnormal body state; and that antidepressants help lift depression due to the same analgesic effect that is utilised when they are prescribed for chronic physical pain.

MDD (major depressive disease) appears to be generated by abnormalities in cytokines.  These are the chemicals released in inflammatory and autoimmune disorders — they are the “feelbad factor” responsible for the malaise we experience when suffering from flu.   When a person becomes clinically depressed, it now appears that an inflammatory or autoimmune process in the body is triggering the release of cytokines, with the result that the flu-like malaise is present all the time.  It is now being realised that when antidepressants work, it is through analgesic action on the cytokine-generated malaise.

So this would seem to explain why some patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia feel better on antidepressants (another reason why they might, is because drugs such as amitriptyline apparently can flog a sluggish thyroid back into service for a while, so reducing many of the symptoms of any  underlying hypothyroidism.) 

So when antidepressants seem to help a “fibromyalgia” patient, this should act as a red flag to doctors to check for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

Notice how so many of the doctors daring to expose fibromyalgia as a complication of conditions such as hypothyroidism, tend to be older, well established individuals, who in many cases are nearing retirement. It is likely they are financially very secure, and do not have too much to lose if and when the medical establishment turns on them.  (Dr. Mark Starr is younger, but he apparently has a thyroid condition himself, which forced him to look for effective answers to his symptoms.)

It is also strange how so many of the visible patient-advocating doctors  are men. “Fibromyalgia” is primarily a disease of women, and so it is strange that no female physicians seem to have been labeled with this condition and dared speak out.  Is it perhaps just that they have access to better medical diagnostics and care from the beginning, and so have the root causes of their symptoms identified and resolved straight away, rather than being dumped on the fibro scrap heap to await an early death, with their lives and careers written off?

How many doctors have fibromyalgia as their diagnosis?  Very few, I would imagine.

Did your ‘get up and go’, went up and went?